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Average Joe Ladies Only Course

This fun and exciting course is designed to provide knowledge and empowerment to women who want to learn how to use their handgun as an instrument of self-defense.  Regardless of your skill level, this course is designed to appeal to everyone!  Students will learn how to properly grip their pistol, assess and perform malfunction corrections, perform emergency and tactical reloading techniques, how to use cover and concealment, tactical mindset, multiple threat engagements, tactical and surgical shot placement, and other valuable skills that will give you the confidence to defend yourself and family.  Our students will be exposed to a variety of simple, yet effective drills that they can later use one their own as they continue their journey as an armed lady Texan.  

It is now easier than ever to get your License to Carry a A Handgun (formerly known as Concealed Handgun License) in Texas! Just watch the videos online from anywhere and on any computer, smartphone or tablet. At only 4 hours long, this easy online Texas LTC class can be completed in no time. Watch as little or as much of the online LTC class at a time with progress saved as you watch each video segment.

  • Official Texas DPS approved online License to Carry class

  • Get certified online

  • Instant access to the class after purchase

  • Take the class on your smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Start and stop as many times as needed. 6 months provided to complete the class.

This class provides the mandated training for obtaining your Texas License to Carry (LTC/CHL). Learn about gun laws, firearms safety, deescalation techniques and more. At the completion of the class, the LTC-101 certificate of completion will be immediately available to download. 

To obtain your Texas LTC, the proficiency demonstration must be completed with an LTC instructor after the successful completion of the online class. This is a requirement set by Texas DPS and is the same for all online LTC classes.

This 2.5 hour online course is good for all LTC/CHL holders looking to stay up to date with current laws and regulations. The class provides new information for the latest Texas laws as well as additional information to stay informed on regulations and responsibilities for carrying a gun. 

The following topics are covered in the refresher class:

    • 2019 Legislative Updates

    • Laws Related to Carrying a Handgun

    • Use of Force – laws and law enforcement interactions

    • Safe Gun Handling

    • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

    • Proper Storage Practices

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