7 Critical Handgun Safety Guidelines

If you choose to own or carry a handgun, it’s imperative that you learn how to do so safely. Always remember it’s your responsibility to keep your gun away from children and adults who don’t have your permission to use the firearm. The firearms safety education professionals from Online Texas LTC, a premier provider of online LTC classes, offer these eight tips to keep you and others safe around your gun.

1. Never Store a Loaded Weapon Unsecured

If you feel you may need to get to your weapon in a hurry, store it in a quick access lockbox or safe. Otherwise, you should always store your gun unloaded and secured.

2. Assume Every Weapon Is Loaded

Even if you’re diligent about unloading your gun each time you’re done using it, it’s safest to assume you may have forgotten and left the gun loaded. If you do happen to forget even once, assuming every weapon is live could save your life or someone else’s.

3. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger

When holding your gun, don’t rest your finger on or inside the trigger guard.

4. Be Aware of Where You’re Pointing It

Always be aware of where you’re pointing your gun, and never direct it toward anything you don’t intend to shoot. Even someone with extensive firearms experience can be negligent, so make sure the barrel of your gun never points at anything or anyone you’re not planning to shoot.

5. Know What’s Behind Your Target

If you miss your target or the bullet hits the target and keeps going, you could negligently shoot something or someone you didn’t intend to. Know if you’re firing toward something that could make your bullet ricochet in an unexpected direction.

6. Know Your Weapon

When you get a new handgun, take some time to get to know it. Practice safely loading and unloading the gun as well as cleaning it. Practice with it at the range until you’re very comfortable with it. Know your weapon’s distance range, too.

7. Don’t Modify Your Weapon

Firearms are precision instruments you shouldn’t tamper with. Modifying the trigger or safety yourself can make a handgun unsafe. Make sure a qualified and reputable gunsmith does any work you need performed.

If you already own a firearm or you’re considering purchasing one, it’s essential to know how to use it safely. Online Texas LTC is dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available. Whether you simply need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot safely or you want to take a Texas license to carry online course, Online Texas LTC has what you need. Give us a call today at 512-675-2124.