Offer the Online Texas LTC Class to Your Customers

Do you have a gun store, shooting range, training facility or are an LTC instructor? You can now offer the official online Texas LTC class to customers! is trusted by over 175 firearms businesses throughout Texas to provide their Online LTC classes, which includes some of the largest shooting ranges and training facilities in the state. This is not just a referral program. We offer a partnership with your business to provide the Texas DPS certified online LTC class.

You do not need to be an Online Course Provider through Texas DPS or even an LTC instructor to use our online license to carry class. All state certifications and class requirements are met and handled by Online Texas LTC through the Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division. Online Texas LTC is approved by Texas DPS RSD to offer the online Texas License to Carry a Handgun class. Certifications can be provided upon request.

It is extremely easy to get started and there are no setup costs, monthly fees or website maintenance required. Once signed up, you will be able to sell the online LTC class, as well as other online courses with your business branding, but without the hassles of maintaining your own website or paying a web developer. The online LTC class appears like your own to customers and they are even sent back to your business for the proficiency demonstrations for additional revenue. For gun stores that do not provide training, we can handle the proficiency demonstration ourselves.

The following online classes can be sold to customers through your webpage that we create you:

  • Official Online License to Carry Class
  • Online LTC Refresher Class
  • Permitless Carry Online Class. 

Go to the below link for an example business web page. Every business receives their own unique branded page through

Features/Services Included:

  • Your own custom webpage with unique URL
  • Online LTC class and Refresher class branded as your own
  • Website maintains your business branding/logo through the entire class
  • Set your own price to sell the classes as well as give customers multiple purchase options.
  • Sell the class through your registration page and/or with unique codes for in person sales
  • Receive commission payments for every class sale
  • Receive commission payments through direct deposits (ACH)
  • Create coupon codes to run your own promotions/sales
  • Customer information provided to you in automatic notifications
  • Automatic custom notifications sent to customer, sending them back to you for proficiency demonstrations
  • Business Portal: view your students progress, update your webpage, view your sales, student certificates and more. 

Fill out the form below to get started and for more information. Once the contact form is submitted, you will have access to demonstration videos and additional information about how everything works and how to sign up.

You can also call (800-582-7189) or email ( with any questions. Thank you!

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