Are Firearms Effective Tools for Defending Yourself?

Gun ownership is as American as apple pie. In the right hands, guns are effective tools for personal protection. History is full of examples of law-abiding gun owners defending themselves and their families during home invasions and other emergencies. With the appropriate training and responsible use, owning a gun is an enormous asset in terms of safeguarding your liberty, safety, and property. Here are some of the main reasons firearms are effective for self-defense, offered by the firearms education professionals from Online Texas LTC, a top provider of Texas LTC online training.

Guns Equalize the Playing Field

Certain physical realities make gun ownership a wise decision. Some people are bigger, stronger, and better prepared for combat than others. For example, on average, men are larger than women, and young people are generally stronger than the elderly. With a gun in your hand, you can take back the power during conflicts with bigger and stronger aggressors. This makes guns perfect anti-bullying tools because they show potential offenders you’re equipped to defend yourself if attacked. 

Guns Are Simple to Use

Although proper training is necessary, once you understand the mechanics of gun usage, controlling your firearm becomes second nature. Depending on the models, guns have easy-to-learn loading and firing techniques as well as clearly defined safety protocols. 

Guns Are Widely Available in the U.S.

Although some countries restrict their citizens’ access to guns, American gun owners’ rights are protected by law. If you’re an American adult with a felony-free record, you don’t have to worry about jumping through bureaucratic hoops to get the weapons you need to defend yourself. In some states, you can even access a weapon without a background check at gun shows and through person-to-person sales. Texas has some of the loosest gun regulations in the country, so buyers in the state can get the guns they want easily. 

Guns Act as a Crime Deterrent

When criminals know their targets have guns, they’re significantly less likely to come after them. Criminals prey on the easiest victims to take advantage of, so they hesitate to confront people who are armed and able to protect themselves. Studies show burglars prefer to target homes where they believe no guns are present. 

Guns Come in Many Varieties

Nearly anyone can find a gun that matches his or her personal preferences and intended use. Guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The term “long gun” is used to refer to rifles and shotguns, while “handgun” is used for handheld guns like pistols and revolvers.
The ways guns fire vary as well. Most modern guns are either automatic or semi-automatic. Private ownership of automatic weapons is prohibited in the U.S., but you still have plenty of choices when it comes to semi-automatic weaponry.

Whether you carry a gun for self-defense, hunting, competing, or another purpose, make sure you have the proper training to do it safely. You can count on the firearm education pros from Online Texas LTC for the highest-quality training available. If you’re looking for a top-notch Texas concealed carry online class, call us today at 512-675-2124. 

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