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Online Texas License To Carry a Handgun Class

Welcome to the Online Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class! This online course fulfills the classroom portion for obtaining your Texas License to Carry a Handgun.

There is a total of 4 hours of videos to watch for this class. Every video must be watched entirely before being able to proceed through the class. The quiz at the end will not be accessible until all of the videos have been watched. 

As you complete modules and topics (topics are the sub categories within modules), the check marks under “Status” on the right side will turn green. Progress is saved at the completion of each module and topic. Be sure to click the “Mark Complete” button to move onto the next section. By clicking on “Mark Complete”, you acknowledge that the video has been watched in it’s entirety. It is your responsibility to watch all of the videos.  If you leave the web page while watching a video, progress for that video will not be saved.