How Often Should You Clean Your Handgun?

How Often Should I Clean My Handgun in Texas Leander, TX

Any handgun should be regularly maintained, which does include some cleaning now and then. As for whether or not you should do this each time you use your handgun, the short answer is “yes.” However, there’s a bit more to this answer when it comes to the degree of cleaning that’s recommended. The firearms safety education professionals from Online Texas LTC, a premier provider of online LTC classes, explain what you need to know.

Do a Light Cleaning after Shooting Sessions

After you’ve gone to the range or practiced in another designated area, it’s recommended that you do a “light” cleaning when you finish up or get back home. This simply means dipping a few patches in a lubricant cleaner. Run it through the bore and over other easily accessible parts, and you should be all set.

Note: With any cleanings, make sure all ammo has been removed from your handgun first.

Do a Deep Cleaning a Few Times a Year

A deeper handgun cleaning should be done a few times a year. A “deep” cleaning is a more involved and extensive cleaning, but it’s still necessary to maintain your handgun and extend its useful life. As for how you do this type of cleaning, the steps involved typically include:

• Disassembling the handgun*
• Using a bore brush with a cleaning rod attached that has been dipped in a solvent to clean the interior of the barrel
• Rotating the brush to get rid of any residue from previous use
• Cleaning the barrel a bit more deeply with a patch holder attached to the brush
• Cleaning other parts of the handgun with a solvent-dipped nylon brush
• Using gun oil on any areas affected by excess wear or rubbing

*Follow your manual or user’s guide for doing this, since some handguns don’t need to be completely dismantled.

Finish up by putting your handgun back together. Do a final check to make sure it’s ready to be safely used.

Oil Your Handgun on a Fairly Regular Basis

If you regularly do more intense range sessions or bullseye shooting, it’s a good idea to oil your handgun at least once every 1–2 weeks. It’s especially important to do this during the hotter and more humid months of the year to ward off damage from excess moisture. If you mostly just conceal or open carry without firing your handgun, you should be fine with oiling it on a monthly basis.

Getting What You Need for Handgun Cleanings

You’ll be more likely to keep up with both lighter and deeper cleanings if you have what you need easily accessible. You can do this by buying a kit that already has everything typically needed for handgun cleaning. However, many gun enthusiasts eventually gravitate toward products and cleaning tools they prefer over others, and you can always put together your own “kit” in a box you can grab when you’re ready to do a cleaning.

If you already own a firearm or you’re considering purchasing one, it’s essential to know how to use and clean it safely. Online Texas LTC is dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available. Whether you simply need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot safely or you want to take a Texas license to carry online class, Online Texas LTC has what you need. Give us a call today at 512-675-2124.

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