Why You Need an LTC

Is an LTC Still Worth Having in 2024?


With a License to Carry (LTC), you can carry a handgun in more places and with legal protections from the state. The Texas LTC is for concealed carry and open carry. One license for both.

OnlineTexasLTC.com has helped tens of thousands of students obtain their Texas License to Carry. Continue reading below to find out how to get yours. 

Texas License to Carry No License
Concealed Carry in 37 states outside Texas
Carry Past "No Gun" Signs
Bypass Background Checks
Legal Protections while Carrying
Carry in Gun Free School Zones
Carry in Hospitals
Carry in Nursing Facilities
Carry in Amusement Parks
College Campus Carry
Airport Protections
Improved Police Interactions
Proof of Legal Intentions
Learn Texas Gun Law

Texas Handgun License vs. License to Carry vs. Concealed Handgun License

There is no difference! All of these are the same thing. The official correct name is referred to as the License to Carry or LTC. Before open carry was legalized in Texas, it was called a concealed handgun license, or CHL. 

Many places on the internet still reference it as the concealed handgun license. This is because the information has not been updated since the name change. Rest assured though, there is only one license and it is the License to Carry.

Texas License to Carry Eligibility Requirements

The below criteria must be met in order to qualify for a Texas License to Carry:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Legal resident of Texas or is otherwise eligible as a non-resident
  • Have not been convicted of a felony
  • Have no Class A or B misdemeanor convictions within the last 5 years
  • No pending criminal charges
  • No history of mental illness
  • No dishonorable discharge from the military
  • No chemical or alcohol dependency
  • Not outstanding warrants
  • Is qualified to purchase a handgun under state and federal law
  • Not delinquent in making child support payments or taxes
  • Is not the subject of a restraining or protective order

Cost to Obtain a Texas License to Carry

The total cost for obtaining your license will vary depending on the facility you choose for the proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification). Typically, your total realistic cost for the license, including the training, application and fingerprinting, should be about $150-$160. Below is the most accurate breakdown of the costs we can provide:

Training Required

There are two components required in order to complete the License to Carry training. 

  1. Classroom Training
    • Texas DPS mandated 4 hours long.
    • Can be completed online or in-person with an LTC instructor.
    • 25 question true/false and multiple choice test at the end.
    • LTC-101 certificate issued upon successful completion.

  2. Proficiency Demonstration (shooting qualification)
    • Must be completed in-person with a Texas LTC instructor.
    • 1-2 hours long.
    • Consists of range instruction and shooting qualification.
    • 50 rounds fired from 3 to 15 yards at a B27 target.
    • Must be able to show safe firearm handling.

With only a few exceptions, everyone applying for their Texas LTC must do the classroom training and the proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification). 

Steps to Get Your LTC

Having helped over 50,000 students get their License to Carry, we recommend the below steps to get your LTC:

  1. Take the official online LTC class.
  2. Complete the proficiency demonstration with any Texas LTC instructor.
    • OnlineTexasLTC.com will also help locate an instructor for you if needed.
  3. Submit the LTC application through the Texas DPS website
  4. Get fingerprinted through identigo.
    • Once the LTC application is submitted through Texas DPS, identigo will send you an email with a registration code to schedule the fingerprinting through them.