LTC Class Troubleshooting

If you are having issues, please use Google Chrome. It is the preferred browser and works the best. Once the video is started, do no minimize or leave the browser tab that has the video playing. This may cause the timer to stop and prevent being able to proceed to the next video.

Please see the situations below for additional troubleshooting:

I finished a video but the “mark complete and continue” button is not showing up.

  • If you have completed a video and the “Mark Complete and Continue” button is not visible, please send an email to Support can proceed you to the next video without having to watch it again.
  • Once the video is started, do not minimize or leave the browser tab that is playing the video. This can cause the timer to stop counting down.
  • Alternatively, or if it is afterhours, you can clear your browser cookies/cache, play the video again, and the button should be visible. Please be sure that the browser tab playing the video stays open. A count down timer should be visible below the video in the right side.

I am trying to continue to the next video but keep getting sent to the class purchase page. What do I do?

  • If this is occurring you need to clear you browser cookies and cache, then try again. Alternatively, you can also login and load the class from another device or browser. If using Google Chrome, try logging into the class from an incognito window. This acts the same as if the browser cookies and cache were cleared.
  • If the problem continues after trying the above, please contact us at

Any other issues, please contact us to resolve it for you. For the quickest response, please email