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Texas Laws Governing Carrying Guns in Parks

Texans who own firearms often prefer to take their guns with them when they leave the house. This is certainly an achievable goal thanks to the state’s firearms-friendly laws. However, there are some places where you may not be able

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What Is the Safest Position for Carrying a Gun?

With break action firearms and long guns without a sling, the side or elbow carry position is typically considered a safe way to carry. With commonly used handguns, the inside the waistband (IWB) position is often recommended for concealability, access,

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Can I Buy a Gun if I Have a DWI in Texas Leander, TX

Can You Purchase a Gun if You Have a DWI?

Having a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge against you doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to legally purchase a gun in Texas. There are several factors that go into determining what applies with a DWI and the ability to

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Shooting Gloves

It’s often said practice makes perfect, and this is certainly true when it comes to firearms. If you regularly hone your skills by visiting the range or participating in competitions, you might be considering using gloves designed for this purpose.

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Are Shoulder Holsters Practical in Texas Leander, TX

Is a Shoulder Holster a Practical Choice?

The purpose of any holster is to allow for the safe carrying of a handgun, which is a requirement in Texas and many other locations. When it comes to shoulder holsters, there are mixed feelings among gun owners and users.

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Is It Okay to Dry Fire a Glock in Texas Leander, TX

Can a Glock Be Dry Fired?

Since 1982, the firearms Glock produces have earned a solid reputation among avid users for impressive reliability and performance. While Glocks come highly recommended because of the quality that goes into the manufacturing process, it’s important to be mindful of

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Which Is Safer—Pistols or Revolvers in Texas Leander, TX

Is a Revolver or a Pistol Safer?

Almost any firearm can be considered safe as long as the individual using it knows how to handle and use it properly and responsibly. When we shift the focus to handguns, pistols and revolvers are two of the more popular

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What Is Primer in a Gun in Texas Leander, TX

What Does the Primer Do in a Gun?

A primer is part of a cartridge or shotshell. It’s a term you may have heard if you own and regularly use firearms, but it’s one that’s often not fully understood. In a handgun, it’s one of four parts of

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Can You Own an Automatic Weapon in Texas in Texas Leander, TX

Is Owning Automatic Weapons Illegal in Texas?

Texas has some of the least restrictive gun laws and regulations in the country. However, there are certain limitations to be aware of as you consider your options with firearms. One example is automatic weapons. While you generally can’t purchase

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What Is Trigger Discipline in Texas Leander, TX

What You Should Know about Trigger Discipline

Owning, maintaining, and firing a gun requires learning four rules of firearm safety: point the weapon away from anyone or anything, always handle the gun as if it’s loaded, have knowledge of the target and the surrounding area, and keep

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Can I Carry Two Handguns in Texas?

Whether you’re going to the shooting range, hunting, or simply engaging in normal daily activities, carrying multiple guns may be your preference. Before having two guns in your possession, it’s best to learn about the legalities of this action, the

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