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What Number of Guns Can Texas Residents Own?

Texas has no specific laws restricting how many guns you can legally own in this state, according to the Texas State Law Library. Also, federal law doesn’t specifically limit how many guns can be legally owned. But there are some

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Can I Carry My Gun in a Grocery Store in Texas Leander, TX

Is It Legal to Carry Guns in Grocery Stores?

If you’re used to carrying your gun around in day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget about it when you stop by the store to grab some groceries. However, some grocery stores prefer that their customers don’t carry guns on their

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Can the Police Stop You for Open Carry in Texas Leander, TX

Can I Be Stopped by Police for Open Carrying?

Texas is now a constitutional carry state, which gives legal handgun owners the ability to open carry without licenses. Generally, if you’re legally open carrying and not doing anything out of the ordinary, you’re not likely to draw any attention

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Can You Carry a Gun in a Bank in Texas Leander, TX

Can I Carry My Gun into a Bank?

If you regularly carry your gun with you while you run errands, you might not think twice about dropping by the bank with a gun. However, due to concerns about robberies, there may be some rules against carrying in a

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Should You Oil the Barrel of a Gun in Texas Leander, TX

Should I Oil the Barrel on My Gun?

Regularly cleaning a gun is an extremely important task, but that process can get somewhat complicated. While some steps are fairly straightforward, there are a few things that can confuse even the most avid gun enthusiasts, including when to oil

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Will Ammo Fire if It’s Dropped in Texas Leander, TX

Will Ammo Fire if It’s Dropped?

Being a gun owner can lead to many questions, including how to operate and maintain a firearm. For example, people may wonder if a bullet can accidentally go off and cause significant damage if it’s dropped. The firearms safety education

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Advantages of Owning a Gun Safe in Texas Leander, TX

The Benefits of Owning a Gun Safe

Owning a firearm requires you to make many decisions. Among these is deciding whether it’s worth it to own a gun safe. While a safe does require an initial investment, the truth is you can never go wrong when you’re

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Is It Legal to Carry Your Spouse’s Firearm in Texas Leander, TX

Can You Carry Your Spouse’s Gun?

It’s not out of the ordinary for responsible Texas gun owners to share their guns with their spouses. In other words, your partner in life might tell you to go ahead and take his or her gun to use at

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Are Pistols & Handguns the Same Thing?

For some people, a gun is a gun. If you’re a handgun owner with some degree of experience and knowledge of firearms, you may know this isn’t exactly true when design, capabilities, function, intended use, and other key factors are

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Is It Legal to Carry a Firearm while Under the Influence of Alcohol in Texas Leander, TX

Is It Legal to Carry My Handgun When I’m Drinking?

Gun owners have a variety of responsibilities while carrying their firearms, including complying with laws that impact daily life. For example, drinking with friends may seem like a regular activity, especially if you aren’t driving. However, regulations in Texas govern

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