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Should You Oil the Barrel of a Gun in Texas Leander, TX

Should I Oil the Barrel on My Gun?

Regularly cleaning a gun is an extremely important task, but that process can get somewhat complicated. While some steps are fairly straightforward, there are a few things that can confuse even the most avid gun enthusiasts, including when to oil

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Will Ammo Fire if It’s Dropped in Texas Leander, TX

Will Ammo Fire if It’s Dropped?

Being a gun owner can lead to many questions, including how to operate and maintain a firearm. For example, people may wonder if a bullet can accidentally go off and cause significant damage if it’s dropped. The firearms safety education

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Advantages of Owning a Gun Safe in Texas Leander, TX

The Benefits of Owning a Gun Safe

Owning a firearm requires you to make many decisions. Among these is deciding whether it’s worth it to own a gun safe. While a safe does require an initial investment, the truth is you can never go wrong when you’re

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Is It Legal to Carry Your Spouse’s Firearm in Texas Leander, TX

Can You Carry Your Spouse’s Gun?

It’s not out of the ordinary for responsible Texas gun owners to share their guns with their spouses. In other words, your partner in life might tell you to go ahead and take his or her gun to use at

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Are Pistols & Handguns the Same Thing?

For some people, a gun is a gun. If you’re a handgun owner with some degree of experience and knowledge of firearms, you may know this isn’t exactly true when design, capabilities, function, intended use, and other key factors are

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Is It Legal to Carry a Firearm while Under the Influence of Alcohol in Texas Leander, TX

Is It Legal to Carry My Handgun When I’m Drinking?

Gun owners have a variety of responsibilities while carrying their firearms, including complying with laws that impact daily life. For example, drinking with friends may seem like a regular activity, especially if you aren’t driving. However, regulations in Texas govern

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How to Shoot Your Pistol Properly in Texas Leander, TX

How to Shoot Your Pistol Correctly

From increased personal safety to added peace of mind, there are many things to appreciate about being a responsible gun owner and user in Texas. At the same time, there’s also shooting that’s proper and effective and shooting that’s not

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How Often Should I Clean My Handgun in Texas Leander, TX

How Often Should You Clean Your Handgun?

Any handgun should be regularly maintained, which does include some cleaning now and then. As for whether or not you should do this each time you use your handgun, the short answer is “yes.” However, there’s a bit more to

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Is It Legal to Carry a Gun at a Protest in Texas? in Texas Leander, TX

Can I Carry a Gun at a Protest in Texas?

Carrying a firearm in public is legal in Texas, with some restrictions. However, in the wake of recent events, particularly the violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, concerns have arisen about allowing people to carry guns

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Essential Handgun Safety Guidelines for Women in Texas Leander, TX

Essential Handgun Safety Tips for Women

It’s often said women are inherently safety conscious, although this can also apply to any responsible handgun owner in Texas. Even when there’s a natural predisposition to safety, it’s possible to overlook some very important safety guidelines. Below, the firearms

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