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Tips for First-Time Handgun Buyers in Texas Leander, TX

4 Suggestions for First-Time Handgun Purchasers

If you’re well-informed, buying your first handgun doesn’t have to be a complex or intimidating experience. One of the most significant steps is to do as much research as possible to avoid costly and dangerous mistakes. The firearms safety education

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How Can I Hunt with My Pistol in Texas in Texas Leander, TX

Can I Hunt with My Pistol in Texas?

Outdoor enthusiasts in the Lone Star State routinely purchase more than a million hunting and fishing licenses each year, according to If you happen to be a licensed hunter in Texas, you probably already know it’s a good idea

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Which Position Should I Use for Concealed Carry?

The best concealed carry position is ultimately anything that’s comfortable for you. However, there are certain positions that tend to be more popular among gun owners in Texas who wish or need to conceal handguns in public areas. The firearms

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6 Essential Tips for New Handgun Owners

If you’re a new owner of a handgun in the Lone Star State, you’re not alone. Nearly half of all respondents to a Houston Press survey reported being handgun owners or having someone in their family who owned one. While

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Can I Answer My Door with a Gun in Texas?

If you’re accustomed to legally openly carrying your gun in Texas in public, you may routinely do so even when you’re at home. This means there’s a chance you could answer the door with your gun on your person. This

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What Subjects Are Taught in LTC Classes?

A Texas license to carry class, or LTC for short, is an essential class for any handgun owner. Completing this course, which usually lasts around four to six hours, is the first step in getting the license that allows you

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Can a Handgun Be Discharged Negligently?

A negligent discharge occurs anytime a firearm is fired without the intent of the owner. Negligent discharges can have potentially lethal consequences, and gun owners can be held responsible for any death or injury that occurs from the use of

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Is a CHL the Same as an LTC?

If you’re a handgun owner in Texas, you may have heard the terms “license to carry,” or “LTC,” and “concealed handgun license,” or “CHL,” or seen them referenced online. To be fair, even experienced gun owners can get a bit

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How Can Firearm Ownership Reduce Crime?

There are some valid reasons to believe gun ownership can lower crime rates under certain circumstances. In fact, some studies hint at a correlation between reduced crime rates and gun ownership. A 2012 report from the CDC suggests guns may

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Mistakes Handgun Users Should Avoid

5 Errors Handgun Users Should Be Careful Not to Make

A single mistake with a handgun could have life-threatening consequences. Too often, people get comfortable with their firearms and forget everything they’ve learned about keeping themselves and others safe. Beginner firearm users are especially susceptible to making costly mistakes. Whether

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