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Difference Between Pistols & Handguns in Leander TX

Is a Pistol the Same Thing as a Handgun?

People who think there are too many guns and fear for their safety push for stricter regulations on firearms possession. Others feel if more stringent laws are passed, they won’t be safe and will no longer be able to protect

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Correct Way to Clean My Handgun

What’s the Correct Way to Clean My Handgun?

Correct cleaning technique is an important part of ensuring your handgun’s safe and reliable performance. Over time, fouling will build up in your handgun, which can cause malfunctions, and occasional thorough cleaning will maximize reliability. In addition, a new handgun

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What Should I Know about Texas Open Carry Laws?

As of January 1st, 2016, Texas law—through the License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) legislation—permits specific individuals to open carry handguns. Still, each individual must adhere to strict guidelines for everyone’s safety. Here’s a summary of the requirements, provided by

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Does Texas Law Allow Shooting Trespassers?

Texas is one of the states that observe a legal principle referred to as the Castle Doctrine, which is often conflated with the “stand your ground” defense found in other jurisdictions. The Castle Doctrine was infamously mentioned during the trial

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Should I Use a Holster to Conceal Carry My Gun?

Conceal carrying, unlike open carry, allows you to protect yourself without alarming people around you. There are many methods people use to carry their firearms discreetly. People conceal carry using bags, purses, clothes, pockets, and holsters. A holster is specifically

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LTC Austin IWB

Concealed Carry and Law Enforcement

“As a cop, how do you feel about other people carrying guns?” This question is asked with the expectation that responses will be negative, thinking that officers don’t want other people carrying guns. This question is often asked of law

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Texas Law

License to Carry 2019 Legislative Updates

Starting September 1st, 2019, new laws impacting Texas License to Carry holders went into affect. This was the 86th Texas Legislative Session. It is every LTC holders responsibility to stay up to date on new laws that are passed. All

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Texas LTC Class

About The Online License To Carry Class

It is now easier than ever to get your License to Carry a A Handgun (formerly known as Concealed Handgun License) in Texas! Just watch the videos online from anywhere and on any computer, smartphone or tablet. At only 4 hours long,

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