Is It Possible for a Gun to Fire if the Safety Is On?

Technically, a gun shouldn’t discharge if the safety is on. This is more likely to be the case if you have a newer gun that was manufactured within the past decade, since additional safety features are often included on firearms today to prevent negligent discharge with the safety on. That being stated, there’s the possibility of a gun firing with the safety on. The firearms safety education professionals from Online Texas LTC, your premier choice if you want to take a high-quality Texas CHL class, explain why below.

How a Gun Fires

First, let’s start by looking at how a gun fires. For a bullet to come out of a gun, there are four basic parts involved:

• The primer
• The bullet
• The propellant
• The casing

The primer is what triggers the firing process, since it acts as a sort of fuse. The propellant is a mixing agent that helps the bullet gain momentum. All this leads up to the bullet being forced out of the gun at a high speed so it can hit the intended target.

Firing Pin Blocks

Many new handguns have this added feature. It’s specially designed to prevent the firing pin from coming into direct contact with the primer even if the trigger is pulled accidentally.

Risky & Safe Guns

Newer guns tend to be less susceptible to negligent discharges if the safety is on. The “risky” firearms are older ones, especially collectibles. For instance, if you have an antique gun from the late 1800s, it likely has no safety features on it to prevent negligent discharge. You can always have a safety added to an older gun, but it can be a bit tricky to add this feature to certain older guns due to design differences.

Preventing Negligent Discharges with the Safety On

First, remember to put the safety on when you’re carrying your firearm and not using it yet. Next, regularly inspect your gun to make sure anything that could affect the safety is taken care of if necessary. It can also be helpful to:

• Regularly clean your gun
• Have a properly sized holster so the safety isn’t accidentally turned off when you reach for your firearm
• Read the manual to make sure you know how the safety on your particular gun is set and maintained

Practicing with Your Gun

It never hurts to take some time to practice setting your safety. As long as you’re taking this step, it can also be beneficial to practice using your firearm. By becoming a more confident firearms user, you’ll be less likely to have issues with the safety or negligent discharges. An online license to carry class also comes in handy when learning more about the basics of gun safety. Plus, you can learn at a pace that’s right for you. Another way to brush up on firearm safety is to use laser bullets so you save some money on ammo.

If you’re considering buying a gun or you already own one, it’s essential to know how to use it safely, and getting the proper training is essential. Online Texas LTC is committed to providing the finest firearms training available. Whether you simply need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot it safely or you want to take a Texas license to carry class, Online Texas LTC has what you need. Give us a call today at 512-675-2206.