License to Carry Online Refresher Class


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Now with 2021 Texas Legislative Session Updates!

Do you want to stay up to date with the latest laws affecting license to carry holders? Maybe you just haven’t carried a gun in a while. This refresher course has you covered! With the latest Texas Legislative Updates and pertinent information related to carrying a gun in Texas, this class is great for every LTC/CHL holder.

This 2.5 hour online course is good for all LTC/CHL holders looking to stay up to date with current laws and regulations. Using your computer, smartphone or tablet, this class can be taken from anywhere at anytime. The class provides new information for the latest Texas laws as well as additional information to stay informed on regulations and responsibilities for carrying a gun. 

Texas no longer requires a renewal class for you License to Carry a Handgun. It is every LTC/CHL holders responsibility to stay up to date on current laws and regulations. If it is time to renew your LTC, taking this class will be very beneficial.

The following topics are covered in this refresher class:

  • The most current laws and legislative updates
  • Laws Related to Carrying a Handgun
  • Use of Force – laws and law enforcement interactions
  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Proper Storage Practices

These are topics all covered in the standard LTC class. Instead of being 4 hours long though, this refresher class is only 2.5 hours long with all of the crucial material needed to stay up to date. It is all audio/video based and can be taken at your own pace.

This class is not the official License to Carry class and does not have any certifications associated with it. It is intended for anyone that already has their LTC. None of the information in the course is legal advise and should not be taken as legal advise. 30 days is provided to complete this class. In those 3o days, all the videos can be watched as many times as you want to.

Please go HERE if you need the full Texas Online License to Carry class.