Proficiency Demonstration For Online LTC

The Proficiency Demonstration is required for every student that completes the Online Texas License to Carry class, regardless of what website you take the class through. Any certified Texas LTC instructor can administer the proficiency demonstration. This is part of the Texas DPS requirement to obtaining your LTC. If you take a class online that says no proficiency demonstration or shooting qualification is required, then it is not for a Texas License to Carry. 

The proficiency demonstration consists of 1-2 hours of “range instruction” and a 50 round shooting qualification. The material covered and how the range instruction is administered is determined by the LTC instructor. Some will offer private sessions while others will have you sit in the last portion of a standard LTC class to fulfill the requirement. 

Below is a list of LTC instructors that have partnered with OnlineTexasLTC to offer the proficiency demonstration. Please find a location near you and contact them for pricing and information.