How Frequently Should You Practice Shooting Your Handgun?

Some people purchase handguns for protection, while others buy firearms to participate in hobbies like hunting. Regardless of why you bought your gun, there are steps you can take to increase your knowledge and confidence in carrying and using the firearm. It’s best to practice using your handgun and learning new things to achieve these goals. How often you practice will vary depending on your current schedule, objectives, and desires. 

Frequent Shooting Range Visits

Even the most experienced handgun owners can fall into slumps when they go long periods without using their firearms. Try to go to the shooting range as often as possible to maintain and build your skills. The actual number of visits will depend on your professional and personal schedule. However, if you have the time, going to the range once a month could be beneficial for practicing with your handgun and maintaining specific shooting skills. While at the shooting range, you may have the opportunity to engage with other gun owners and learn some new techniques while sharpening your current abilities.

Handling the Gun

While at home, practice safely drawing your handgun from the holster. You may be able to practice drawing from the holster at your local shooting range, but many ranges prohibit this for safety reasons. Before you practice at home, always make sure your gun is unloaded and that there’s no ammunition around you. Practicing your draw from a holster and dry firing the firearm will significantly increase your proficiency with the gun, especially if you’re not able to make it to the range often.


There are many steps to learn when owning a handgun, such as how to load it, carry it, and hit your target when shooting, and taking a Texas LTC class is a good way to gain confidence in your ability to perform these essential tasks. The more confident you are, the easier these actions can be, and confidence also comes with practice. Each time you operate the handgun, you learn more and boost your confidence levels. As a result, you’re less likely to make errors that could put you or others in harm’s way. To keep building your confidence, continue to practice often.

Type of Handgun

The amount of time you spend practicing with your firearm will depend on many factors, including the type of gun you currently own or are looking to purchase. For example, some pistols are used regularly, while others are only used in emergency situations. Therefore, the handgun you use most often will be easier to operate with specialized training. When purchasing a gun, ask the dealer about training courses based on the particular firearm.

Practicing your shooting skills is a big part of making sure you know how to use your gun safely. You can enhance your knowledge even more by taking an online concealed carry course. Texas gun owners can count on the firearms education pros from Online Texas LTC for the highest-quality training available. Give us a call today at 512-675-2124.

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