5 Handgun Safety Tips to Follow at a Gun Range

Basic Handgun Safety Rules when Shooting at a Gun Range in Texas Leander, TX

Enjoying a day at the shooting range is a great way to blow off steam and refine your skills. While shooting ranges are among the safest places to use your firearm, they’re only safe because of the choices people make when they’re there. Most shooting ranges have guidelines to follow during your visit, but it’s worth reviewing these additional strategies for being extra cautious while you practice using your firearm around others. If you’d like to learn even more about gun safety and proper handling practices, check out the variety of courses offered by Online Texas LTC, a premier provider of online LTC classes.

1. Point the Muzzle in a Safe Direction

If everyone followed this golden rule of firearm handling, the majority of gun-related negligent discharges could be prevented. Never point your gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot. The direction you point the muzzle in will change depending on your circumstances. At the range, this usually means keeping the muzzle pointed downrange.

2. Carry Your Gun Unloaded

Make sure your firearm is unloaded before you enter the range. Most ranges require guns to be unloaded upon entering the facility. Once you’ve finished shooting, unload your firearm before you head home. This rule of thumb also applies if you choose to leave the shooting area for lunch or simply to get something out of your car. Those extra couple of seconds of care can ensure everyone’s safety around you.

3. Follow Verbal & Posted Instructions

You’ll often see safety instructions posted throughout the shooting range. Following house rules, such as keeping food and drinks out of the main shooting area, prevents things such as slip-and-fall accidents that could cause negligent discharges. You may also hear someone shout instructions to cease fire. Respecting any instructions you hear or read can prevent many common accidents.

4. Keep Your Rounds Confined to Your Personal Firing Line

Every shooter should stay within his or her firing line and only aim at the target in line with his or her position. Trying to shoot at an object on the ground or at a target that isn’t posted at the appropriate height could lead to a round leaving the safe area. Staying within your personal area increases safety by making sure everyone knows what’s happening at all times.

5. Wear Protective Equipment

Many shooting range rules are designed to protect everyone in the area. However, this recommendation is all about you. Target practice is loud, and there’s also a risk of having debris fly toward your face. Wearing eye and ear protection helps you avoid an injury that could prevent you from enjoying one of your favorite activities. To take this one step further, make sure to wash your hands and face after shooting to lower the risk of lead exposure.

Any time you head to the firing range to practice shooting your handgun, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines such as those listed here. If you need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot safely or you want to take a Texas license to carry online course, you can rely on the experienced professionals at Online Texas LTC. We’re dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available, so give us a call today at 512-675-2124.

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