Advantages & Disadvantages of Shooting Gloves

It’s often said practice makes perfect, and this is certainly true when it comes to firearms. If you regularly hone your skills by visiting the range or participating in competitions, you might be considering using gloves designed for this purpose. While gloves aren’t absolutely necessary, some gun owners do prefer them. Today, the firearms education pros from Online Texas LTC, the experts to turn to if you want to take a premier LTC class, go over some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of using gloves for shooting so you can determine what may work for you.

Benefits for Newer Shooters

Gloves can be beneficial if you’re just getting used to handling your gun. The main reason is because gloves create some added friction and grip between your skin and the gun. For newer or less experienced shooters, properly fitting gloves may also help with:

• Improving the general handling of the gun
• Preventing blisters
• Making it easier to maintain proper form when firing

Extending the Life of Your Gun

Even if you’re a calm, confident, and seasoned gun user, your hands still sweat. This is especially true if you’re holding a firearm for longer periods, such as when you’re shooting at the range. Granted, moisture from sweat generally doesn’t significantly damage a gun. However, wearing gloves if you frequently shoot does have the potential to make your firearm last longer by reducing issues with rust and corrosion. Maintenance and care for your firearm after range sessions should also prevent any rust or corrosion from sweat.

Other Shooting Glove Perks

Wearing gloves for shooting is kind of like doing the same thing for driving—some people like it, and some don’t. That said, there are some other practical reasons to consider gloves for shooting. In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, this list includes:

• Hand protection when handling firearms that have become hot from shooting
• Added warmth if you’re shooting in colder weather

There’s also some evidence that wearing gloves for shooting may minimize the feel of recoil. This is more likely to be the case if you wear tactical gloves capable of absorbing some of the recoil.

Potential Shooting Glove Disadvantages

It’s sometimes difficult to find a properly fitting pair of shooting gloves if you have smaller hands. Also, some shooters find sweat inside the gloves a bit uncomfortable, especially when shooting in warmer climates. There’s also the possibility of a reduction in fine motor skills when wearing gloves. Lastly, once you learn proper technique and form, there’s often not much of a difference in performance when shooting with or without gloves.

Doing Some Experimenting

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not gloves will be good for you as you shoot, feel free to experiment. One way to do this is to go to the range one time with gloves to see if there’s a difference for you. There are three main types of shooting gloves—tactical, fingerless, and palmless gloves. If you do opt to use gloves for shooting, make sure to look for ones that fit firmly but not excessively snug.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to practice with it. Wearing gloves while shooting does change the feel of the gun and can affect how you pull the trigger. Training with gloves on—if you choose to wear them—is essential to being a safe and proficient shooter.

Whether or not you wear gloves when you shoot, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines. If you need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot safely or you want to take a license to carry Texas class, you can rely on the experienced professionals at Online Texas LTC. We’re dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available, so give us a call today at 512-675-2206.