The Advantages of Having a Texas License to Carry in 2024

With changing laws in Texas, the necessity and benefit of the Texas License to Carry has come into question. Texas has always been known for its lenient laws on gun ownership and strict guidelines for carrying a handgun in public. But over the last few years, laws and rules regarding carrying a handgun have become more confusing, especially when it comes to the Texas License to Carry compared to permitless carry. In this blog post, we will explore why obtaining an LTC is still a wise decision in 2023, and why you should consider getting one if you haven’t already.

Enhanced Personal Protection

One of the most significant benefits of having an LTC in 2024 is the enhanced personal protection it offers. With increasing instances of violent crimes, it makes sense to carry a concealed weapon for your safety and security. Having a permit to carry a concealed firearm sets you apart from someone carrying a handgun without a permit, as it allows you to carry in more locations and receive additional legal protection from the state. It also shows that you have gone through training on Texas law and everything else taught in the LTC class, which will help in a legal battle after a self-defense situation.

No Background Check Delays

Another benefit of having an LTC is that it can save you from unnecessary delays when purchasing a firearm. Anytime a gun is purchased from a licensed dealer, such as a gun store, the form 4473 is completed along with an FBI background check. The background check can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 or more days. Even if you are not prohibited from owing a firearm, you can be delayed because of a system outage (which is fairly common), your name matches someone else’s or a multitude of other reasons. With a Texas License to Carry, the background check is completely skipped and does not need to be completed. Just fill out the 4473 for the firearm and you are on your way. No waiting or background check nonsense.

Multi-State Reciprocity

The Texas License to Carry has reciprocity agreements with 37 other states, which means that the permit can be honored in those states for concealed carry when traveling. If you carry a handgun for personal protection, being able to carry in the states you are traveling to, whether for work or vacation, gives peace of mind and added comfort while away from home. Therefore, if you travel, this is another reason that having an LTC will remain relevant.

A Lifetime Investment

Obtaining an LTC is an investment that pays off for your lifetime. Its unique benefits are long term and crucial to anyone who values their personal protection. With a reduced application fee through Texas DPS of only $40 and the ability to take the online LTC class from the comfort of your own home, obtaining an LTC has never been easier or more affordable. The streamlined process of obtaining an LTC makes it simple and easy to complete. Complete the class and proficiency demonstration, submit your application and lastly get fingerprinted. That’s the entire process.

Helps You Become a Better and More Responsible Gun Owner

Finally, obtaining an LTC also helps you become a better and more responsible gun owner. The training and education you undergo to obtain your license is designed to increase your knowledge about firearm law in Texas and how to be a responsible concealed carrier. Knowing things like where you can and cannot carry a handgun is crucial to being safe and legal in Texas. All this information is taught during the LTC class to help make you more confident.

In conclusion, obtaining an LTC is still a wise decision in 2024, even with permitless carry in affect. The LTC offers enhanced personal protection, prevents unnecessary legal problems, opens up new opportunities, is a lifetime investment, and helps you become a better and more responsible gun owner. So, if you have been on the fence about getting an LTC, now may be the right time to do so and enjoy the long-term benefits it offers.

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