The Most Common Asked LTC Questions, All Answered.

The process to get a license to carry, formerly known as concealed handgun license, for Texas is simple and straightforward. However, there are many questions that can come up that may be difficult to find the answers for. With over 50,000 students, we have been able to break down the most common asked questions.

How Long is the LTC Class?

Texas DPS requires that the classroom training for the LTC be 4-6 hours long. Our online LTC class is right about 4.5 hours long and can be broken into small sections or done all at once.

Does the online LTC class have a test or exam?

Yes. Texas DPS requires the classroom portion of the LTC class to contain a 25 question multiple choice/true false test at the end. This test is created by Texas DPS. As long as you pay attention during the class, it is not a difficult test and you have 3 attempts to pass.

What is the difference between the online LTC class and an in person LTC class?

The online LTC class allows you to complete the classroom training from any location on your own time. The in person LTC class provides the exact same information, it is just completed in person by an instructor. The information presented is the same and the amount of time required by the state is the same.

How long is the LTC training valid for? When does the certificate expire?

Both the LTC-101 (certificate from the online class) and the LTC-101 (certificate from the in person class), are valid for 2 years from the course completion date printed on the certificates. Once the 2 years passes, you must complete the training in its entirety again.

I have a handgun license/permit from another state, do I still need to take the class to get an LTC for Texas?

Yes, regardless of what license or permit you have from another state, Texas still requires every applicant to go through the LTC class, including the proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification). Even though much of the material covered will likely be similar to training you have already had, Texas DPS wants to be sure that you are familiar with Texas laws and regulations.

Can I purchase the online LTC class for someone else?

Yes. When you purchase the online LTC class, just be sure to take note of the email address and password used to create the account. These will be used later for whoever is taking the class to login. The person actually taking the online LTC class will have an opportunity to enter their information once the class starts, which is what is used for the certificate of completion (LTC-101).


Should I submit my DPS application for the LTC or take the training first? What is the correct order?

There is no required order. Most people choose to complete the license to carry training first, then submit their application with Texas DPS. Either way, the certificate of training for the classes cannot be submitted until the application through DPS is completed. By completing the LTC classes first, there is more time to get everything else completed since the certificate from the class is valid for 2 years.

How do I register for fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is completed through a third party company contracted by Texas DPS, Identigo. In order to register with Identigo, you must first complete the LTC application through the DPS website. Once this is done, you should immediately receive an email with a registration code that is used to set your appointment with Identigo. If you do not receive this email, you will need to contact Texas DPS.

How do I get an LTC? What are the steps?

For a complete breakdown of the steps and process to get a license to carry, please go Here.

I took the LTC class, where is my permit? How to I check the application status?

The license itself is processed, mailed and issued by Texas DPS. is a private family owned business that is certified by the state to do the training. You can contact Texas DPS for the status of your license.

Do I have to own my own handgun for the shooting qualification?

No. You can rent or even borrow a handgun for the shooting qualification. The license to carry does not specify what gun was used for the qualification.

How much does everything cost?

We like to be as transparent as possible with costs associated with getting a license to carry. At this time of this article, our online LTC class costs $60. Most facilities charge $40-$50 for the proficiency demonstration (shooting qualification). The state charges $40 for the application fee and Identigo charges $10 for the fingerprinting. This means that for everything, you are generally looking at $150-$160 total to get the LTC.

Online Texas LTC is committed to providing the best firearms training available. Our goal is for everyone to be able to learn how to safely and responsibly handle firearms. Give us a call at 512-387-7239 to learn about the classes we have to offer as well as our LTC Class.