How to Shoot Your Pistol Correctly

How to Shoot Your Pistol Properly in Texas Leander, TX

From increased personal safety to added peace of mind, there are many things to appreciate about being a responsible gun owner and user in Texas. At the same time, there’s also shooting that’s proper and effective and shooting that’s not so great in terms of technique and style. This is also true if your preferred firearm happens to be a pistol. Continue reading for some tips on what’s generally considered “good” shooting with a pistol. For professional training in how to shoot properly, consider taking a Texas online LTC course.

Being Mindful of Safety

With a pistol or any other handgun, it’s important to be mindful of safety at all times. This means never aiming your pistol at anything you don’t intend to be a possible target.

Also before you shoot, make sure to:

• Know how to properly and safely load and unload your pistol
• Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
• Have your intended target in clear sight

Holding Your Pistol Correctly

“Good” shooting with a pistol also includes how you hold your gun. Despite what you may have seen depicted in movies and TV shows, a pistol can’t just be randomly grabbed and used in a way that’s going to be effective. Start with proper pistol handling by using your dominant hand to hold it. This is the hand you normally write with.

Properly holding a pistol also involves:

• Putting your thumb on the grip
• Wrapping your fingers around the other side
• Gripping the pistol firmly but not excessively tightly

Holding your pistol firmly and properly keeps your hand steady as you shoot. This, in turn, increases your ability to hit your intended target.

Aiming Your Pistol in an Effective Way

One other hallmark of “good” shooting with a pistol is how you aim your gun. Use your handgun’s sights to zero in on your intended target, and then line it up with the front and rear sights. On a related note, it’s important to determine what’s immediately around your target whenever it’s possible to do so. Bullets can continue to travel and wind up in unexpected places, with serious and unintended consequences.

Complete the “good” or proper aiming and shooting process with a pistol by:

• Keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
• Breathing steadily so you’re clearly focused and not overly anxious
• Keeping your target lined up
• Squeezing the trigger
• Maintaining a steady grip to further improve accuracy and control

Practicing & Brushing Up on Shooting Skills

Finally, the definition of “good” pistol shooting can also include how confident and skilled you are with shooting. If you primarily keep a pistol accessible for “just in case” situations but rarely use it, you may not be able to quickly, safely, and effectively use it should there be a reason to do so if you haven’t practiced in a while. You’ll ultimately be more likely to be an effective and responsible pistol owner and user if you regularly practice to improve your shooting technique and accuracy. 

One of the most important parts of being a responsible gun owner is knowing how to shoot it properly. Fortunately, high-quality firearms training is readily available. If you’re wondering “How do I get my LTC in Texas?” or you simply want to learn how to shoot, look no further than Online Texas LTC. We provide online and private classes with one-on-one attention and professional instruction, and you can complete our video-based classes on your computer, smartphone, or tablet in the comfort of your own home. To learn more about our high-quality firearms courses, reach out to us today at 512-675-2124.

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