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Are you a License to Carry instructor, gun store or shooting range? Regardless of the type of business, you can now offer professional online firearms classes, including the official online Texas LTC class, to your customers! is trusted by over 220 instructors, ranges and gun stores throughout Texas. This is not just a referral program. We offer a partnership with your business to provide all of the online firearms courses we have available.

LTC instructors and shooting ranges are quickly finding that partnering with a quality online course provider allows for more business growth and ultimately more students to fill in-person classes.

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In additional to the best customer service, we provide more functionality, customization options, and classes than any other online course provider in Texas.

What you get through

  • Your Own Dedicated Website

    We provide you a custom website with a unique domain name and branding. This is crucial to customer retention and having them return to your site for future classes/purchases. Link from your existing website or use the new one by itself.

  • All of Our Online Classes - Branded as Your Own​

    Includes: Texas License to Carry, Basic Firearm Safety, LTC Refresher, Texas Permitless Carry and The Art of Concealment with more classes coming soon. All of these classes are designed to help students build confidence to pursue additional training in-person.

  • Set Your Own Class Prices

    You determine how much students should pay for the online classes. Your commission payment is determined by the class price you set.

  • Package Online Classes with Your Own In-Person Training

    Example: sell the online LTC class with the proficiency demonstration together as a package. This allows students to make one purchase and keep them coming back to your for training.

  • Commission Payouts for Every Class Sold​

    You receive the majority of the cost from every class sold. See the "More Info" tab above for the commission chart. Commissions are paid through ACH transactions (direct deposit to your bank). No Stripe or PayPal accounts needed.

  • We Handle All the Paperwork

    As the approved online course provider, we handle all paperwork for online classes.

  • Approved Online Course Provider

    We are an approved online course provider through DPS for the Texas License to Carry.

  • Business Portal Access

    Through the online business portal, you will have access to student information, certificates of completion and much more. You also have the ability to go through each class in order to see what is taught.

  • Employee Access

    Through the business portal, you can create user accounts for your employees. Select exactly what you want them to have access to. Employees also get free access to the online classes.

  • Coupon Codes

    Run your own promotions and discounts for the online classes you offer. This can be managed through the business portal.

  • Registration Codes

    Want to sell your own gift cards with the online class to students? Or simply sell the online classes to students yourself without having to refer them to the website? Through the business portal, you can purchase registration codes that are redeemable by students for online classes.

  • Customized Student Emails

    Completely customize the information students receive when they complete an online class. For example, after a student completes the online LTC class, the course completion email can contain specific information you want the student to receive for next steps and in-person classes.

You do not need to become an Online Course Provider through TX DPS or even an LTC instructor to use the services offered here. All certifications and class requirements are handled by Online Texas LTC through the Texas Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division. Online Texas LTC is approved by Texas DPS RSD to offer the online Texas License to Carry a Handgun class. Certifications can be provided upon request.

It is extremely easy to get started and there are no setup costs, monthly fees or website maintenance required. Once signed up, you will be able to sell the class with your business branding, but without the hassles of maintaining your own website or paying a web developer. The online classes appear like your own to customers and they are even sent back to your business for the proficiency demonstration and other in person training for additional revenue.

FAQ and Information

There are no out of pocket costs, monthly charges, or fees to partner with us. When a class is sold, a set portion of the sale goes to (“Amount Withheld” in table below) and the remainder is sent to you (“Your Commission”). 

Please see the commission structure table below. Your commission amount can be higher or lower depending on the price you set the class at. The amount sent to always stays the same. 

For our most commonly sold class, the online Texas LTC class, $25 is withheld for, you receive the remainder. If you set the class price at $60, then $25 is withheld and you receive $35. For the full commission structure of all the classes, please see the table below.

You pay no transaction fees, credit card fees or payout fees.

Once signed up, your business account will be ready within 2-4 business days. Once your submission is approved, you will receive an email with details to finish setting up your account. We also will provide you with the website address for your page, which you can then use to send customers and students to for the online classes. 

Customers purchase the online classes through your website that we create for you. You will earn commissions from every class sold through your page. 

Through the business portal, you will be able to track all of your customers and sales.

All new business accounts are either approved or denied within 2-4 business days. Once approved, you will be able to login and finish the setup process through the business admin panel.

The initial submission form just needs your business name, first and last name and an email address. Once your submission is approved, you will be able to login and finish setting up your account. 

Basic business information will be needed, such as logo (if available), phone number, address (not required) and email. Finally, in order get paid, we will need bank information for ACH transfers. We are only authorized to credit your bank account (pay you). We do not have the ability to take money out of your account.

How much you will be paid depends on a few factors. We will use an example from the most common class prices. 

For example, the Texas License to Carry class is often sold for $60. From that $60 sale, $25 is withheld for This means you would receive a payment of $35.

Please keep in mind that this is for the online class only. There is no work or services you have to provide to the customer for this. It is passive income. When the customer returns for the proficiency demonstration, you would charge your rate for that as well.

Commissions for classes sold are paid on a weekly basis. Every Monday morning, direct deposits (ACH transactions) are initiated for commissions earned the week prior. The payment should deposit into your account by Tuesday. 

As the owner and instructor for, I understand the natural distrust within this industry. My hope is that we can build a business relationship to build trust and confidence in what we offer.

Our business structure is setup to benefit everyone mutually. By singing up and bringing customers: you get paid, we get paid, and the customer receives quality/professional online training.

This program is certainly not a scam. With over 60,000 students, we pride ourselves in being able to offer a quality product that benefits everyone. 


Not at all. Nearly every single business that partners with us has stated the online classes has brought more customers for in-person training, not taken them away.

Students still need to go to an instructor for the proficiency demonstration for the LTC. Those students often times end up returning for additional training. Those same students may never have signed up for a in-person LTC class, but were willing to start with it online in order to build confidence. 

Absolutely not. There is no replacement for professional in-person firearms training. These online classes are designed to help give students the confidence to actually sign up for in-person classes you may offer.

Many of our classes are also predominantly law related, which many instructors do not want to teach in person. They are time consuming, and the students receive the same material online as they would in person.

We currently have 5 online classes available for students:

  • Online Texas License to Carry class
  • The Art of Concealment
  • Texas Permitless Carry Class
  • License to Carry Refresher Class
  • Basic Firearm Safety 101 Class

And 1 package class option you can provide students:

  • Online Texas License to Carry class with Proficiency Demosntration

You pick and choose which classes and which class packages you want to offer your customers. You can change what you want to offer at any time through the business portal.

All online classes can also be viewed through the business portal. This way, you can make sure the class content presented is information that you want students to receive.

It is up to whether you want to provide the proficiency demonstration as an option to your customers. If you are an LTC instructor and want to provide it as an option, you can package it with the class through our site, or sell it on your own platform separately. 

You DO NOT have to offer the proficiency demonstration to customers. Our program does not require you to be or have an LTC instructor available. For businesses that do not offer the proficiency demonstration, you can simply refer students to our map of instructors that would be in their area. 

If you do offer the proficiency demonstration as an option through our website, you are required to provide this service to the customer. It is between you and the customer to schedule the session. If the proficiency demonstration is not completed with the customer for any reason, that customer is eligible for a refund for that portion of the sale. handles all technical support and customer service for anything related to our website and platform, regardless of what business the customer came from. 

If a customer contacts you about our website, you can refer them directly back to us for any assistance needed.

Yes. Please take a look at the below link for an example of a website setup for a business. You will receive the same thing, but branded for your business.

Blue Line LTC LLC, dba, is a small business owned and run in Texas just outside of Austin. The owner, Joel Kuchenski, is a firearms instructor and DPS online course provider (among other certifications) with almost a decade of law enforcement experience with a large metropolitan police department.

Joel left law enforcement at the end of 2020 and now runs full time. His goal is to provide quality online firearms training with the best customer service experience possible.

Once your business account is approved, you will have access to view every course we offer in its entirety from the business portal.

Commission Structure

Online Classes Typical Sale Price* Amount Withheld Your Commission
Official Online Texas License to Carry Class
Official Online Texas License to Carry Class with Proficiency Demonstration Package
The Art of Concealment
Texas Permitless Carry Class
LTC Refresher Class
Basic Firearm Safety Class
$0 - Free Class
Basic Firearm Safety Certificate

Online Class = The courses we have available for you to offer customers

Typical Sale Price = This is the most common price that this class is sold at. You can increase or decrease this price within the admin portal for your account.

Amount Withheld = The amount that goes to This is a fixed amount that does not change.

Your Commission = This is the amount that you earn from each sale. There are no fees or charges taken on top of this. You will receive this full amount.