Classes & Info

Texas License to Carry Class Online

Official Texas DPS approved course for the LTC
  • Carry in more places
  • Legal protections of an LTC
  • Less carry restrictions
  • Carry in 37 other states
  • Fulfills classroom requirement for the LTC
  • Texas DPS approved
  • Take online at your own pace

Texas Permitless Carry Online Class

Carry a handgun in public without a license
  • Learn all the laws and regulations for permitless / constitutional carry
  • No tests or applications
  • Take online at your own pace

Texas LTC Refresher Online Class

For people that already have an LTC
  • For existing LTC holders
  • Learn about the newest laws and updates
  • Only for people with an LTC
  • Take online at your own pace

For more details about the difference between the Texas License to Carry and Permitless Carry, click here.

The online License to Carry class is an official Texas DPS approved course. The online Texas LTC class fulfills the classroom portion of the training in order to apply for and receive a License to Carry for the state of Texas. The Texas LTC is the license required to concealed carry or open carry and may be refereed to as a CHL.