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Beautiful execution of the course material.
Nikki Taylor Avatar
Nikki T.
Loved it! very informative and knowledgeable. Inwould highly recommend to others
Charles Wylie Avatar
Charles W.
This course made it easier for me to learn at my own pace. I also gave it 5 stars because… read more
Joshua Ilac Avatar
Joshua I.
Very good class. The only thing missing was reciprocity states
Angela Mason Avatar
Angela M.
For a free course this sure has a lot in it to learn from. Thank you for having this available… read more
Henri Ojastu Avatar
Henri O.
Great class. Easy to pay attention to and was engaging.
Allie Treadwell Avatar
Allie T.
is really interest. Even for people dont apply for LTC is educational love it
Ignacio G Reyes Avatar
Ignacio G.
i loved this course even though some information was not for everyone it was still good to learn. you can… read more
Monique Sykes Avatar
Monique S.
I was Very Impressed with this Class!!! Very Informative, and the Instructor kept it Interesting!
Michael Scott Armstrong Avatar
Michael S.
Need a less boring narrator! Very informative, very in depth, and goes above and beyond. This course has taught me… read more
Michael Richter Avatar
Michael R.
instructors was great and the course kept me interested
justin means Avatar
justin m.
Very thorough and convenient!
Jason Captain Avatar
Jason C.
the class was amazing, instructor keeps you focused as well as makes sure you understand every law and penal code…. read more
joseph vigil Avatar
joseph v.
Very thorough learning experience. Thank you !
Mariah Maldonado Avatar
Mariah M.
Very informational and convenient that you can take the course on your own time!
Tori Thoene Avatar
Tori T.
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