Good Guy with a Gun. Examples of Shootings with LTC Holders

It is always good to read stories about people exercising their right to carry a gun and using it to defend themselves. Asking yourself “what if” questions and thinking about what you would do in these situations could help prepare you for a similar incident. If you have your License to Carry, but don’t ever mentally train for what you would do in various situations, more than likely you will not know what to do when the time comes to act. The likelihood of needing to use my gun when concealed carrying is extremely low and will hopefully never happen. I would much rather be prepared and train for that time though just in case. Below are just a few examples of citizens with their Texas License to Carry, or concealed handgun license depending on the year, using their guns to defend themselves and/or others.

December 2017 — San Antonio, Texas

This case is a great example of a LTC holder concealed carrying and protecting his family. This occurred on December 7th, 2017 in San Antonio at Popeyes. A father and LTC holder, Carlos Molina, was eating with his family inside the restaurant when a Robbery took place. The armed suspect demanded that the Carlos hand over his property. Carlos said he had no money and asked if his family could leave. As most of his family was leaving Popeyes, two of Carlos’s children walked out of the restroom. The suspect pointed a gun at the children. This is when Carlos pulled out his concealed pistol and fatally shot the suspect.

This is a perfect instance of defense of a third person. Carlos shot the suspect in order to protect his children that had just exited the bathroom. Carlos would have been justified in using deadly force if the suspect had pointed a gun at him, but because the gun was pointed at someone else, he was still justified in using deadly force to protect a third person.

May 2017 — Arlington, Texas

On May 3rd of 2017 in Arlington Texas, a subject entered a sports bar, Zona Caliente, and began yelling incoherently while standing at the bar. For an unknown reason, the suspect then shot the manager, killing him. A Texas License to Carry holder then fired his gun at the suspect. After being struck once, the suspect began shooting at the front door of the business, where people were trying to escape. The License to Carry holder killed the suspect and potential saved multiple lives by taking action. Two loaded guns and two knives were found on the suspect later by police.

These are are two perfect cases of Texas License to Carry holders, actually utilizing concealed carry and needing their pistol. Had they not been carrying a gun, the outcomes in these cases would have been much different. Reading these should be a good reminder of why it is important to have your gun with you a reminder to continually train.



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