Texas Permitless Carry Online Course


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  • No test, shooting or applications required
  • Learn the laws for Texas permitless carry
  • Online course can be taken from anywhere at anytime
  • 1 hours long course covering the essential aspects of Texas gun law
  • Works on your smartphone, tablet or computer

The Texas Permitless Carry Online Course, or Constitutional Carry Course, covers multiple topics important to understand everything surrounding the new laws.  The following topics are covered during the class:

  • Permitless Carry basics explained
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Texas Weapons law
  • Holsters
  • Prohibited Locations / Where you can and cannot carry
  • Signs and Prohibited Conduct
  • Situational Awareness
  • Texas Use of Force law and force options
  • Law Enforcement Interactions

There are No Tests or applications required. Just take the class and learn how you can carry a handgun in Texas without a license.