5 Guidelines for Shooting a Handgun Accurately

A woman shooting a handgun and the ejected cartridge case in the air

If there’s ever a time when accuracy is important, it’s when using a handgun or any type of firearm. While there are optical accessories such as red dot sights that can help you achieve this goal, you’ll be better off in the long run if you brush up on your own abilities and techniques to improve your handgun accuracy. Below you’ll find five tips to consider.

1. Get Comfortable with How You Use Your Handgun

You’ll be more accurate with your handgun if you’re fully comfortable when using it. This refers to things like your posture and how you position yourself while shooting. Getting comfortable when it comes to accuracy also applies to:

• How you grip your handgun
• How well you keep your eyes open and focused
• How you position or hold your gun as you use it

2. Double-Check Your Handgun

Even a well-designed and reliable handgun will need some attention now and then so it can be used properly. If you’re practicing with your handgun and trying to improve your accuracy, take a moment to double-check your firearm. This also extends to cleaning your handgun and checking to see that all parts are properly adjusted and functioning as intended. If you haven’t been trained in how to properly care for your handgun, consider taking a Texas online LTC course.

3. Be Prepared & Follow Through

Modern handguns are designed to work efficiently. This is also true of well-maintained older guns. That being said, you’ll notice better accuracy if you’re fully prepared for what happens when you fire. A good and effective follow-through—referring to what you do immediately after your handgun is fired—involves:

• Holding the gun steady after you fire
• Maintaining your position immediately after you fire
• Controlling jerking
• Not being afraid of the recoil

4. Concentrate on the Moment of Discharge

Yes, follow-through is important. Still, it’s just as important to be focused when you fire your handgun if accuracy is your goal. When pulling the trigger, squeeze firmly, but don’t jerk or press down harder than what’s necessary to properly fire. Finally, stay calm and relaxed as you shoot. If you’re nervous or anxious, it will show in the results you get after firing.

5. Keep Practicing & Notice Your Improvements

“Practice makes perfect” is more than just a saying. It’s actually very true when it comes to accuracy when using a handgun. Make an effort to regularly go to the range or find other safe and convenient ways to practice. Over time, you should notice a steady improvement in your accuracy. And pay attention to improvements you make as you practice. This will give you an added boost in confidence and a sense of accomplishment. What this can do is make you more comfortable using your handgun, which can ultimately improve your accuracy. 

One of the most important parts of being a responsible gun owner is knowing how to shoot it with accuracy. Fortunately, high-quality firearms training is readily available. If you’re wondering “How do I get my LTC in Texas?” or you simply want to learn how to shoot, look no further than Online Texas LTC. We provide online and private classes with one-on-one attention and professional instruction, and you can complete our video-based classes on your computer, smartphone, or tablet in the comfort of your own home. To learn more about our high-quality firearms courses, reach out to us today at 512-675-2124.

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