Tips for Choosing between Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Ranges

Many gun owners go to the range when shooting for leisure or sharpening their skills. However, there are various range types, including indoor and outdoor facilities. When it comes to choosing the venue, it’s typically up to the individual or group using the range, but some aspects make one more beneficial to some and less appealing to others. Whether you’re practicing for sport or preparing for a Texas LTC class, ultimately, the choice is yours when you’re deciding which option has more advantages or disadvantages.


One of the benefits of an indoor shooting range is its location. There are typically more indoor facilities available because of the legalities involved in operating these venues. The main reason is that outdoor fields need to have adequate distances from city life and businesses to limit the surrounding crowds while the shooting takes place. It’s unknown where the bullets will land, so these settings must be securely placed. However, indoor venues have fewer risks, and they can be placed among other businesses. As a result, you have more availability when choosing these locations and typically have a closer driving distance.


Although there are more options and less traveling, space is more limited at indoor shooting ranges. The outdoors gives you more space and freedom when practicing or shooting for leisure. In many instances, there are classes where you can shoot at moving targets and gain more flexibility. However, an indoor facility has controlled lanes, and it may have other amenities you can take advantage of, such as food and beverage options, group activities, private storage lockers, and more. Regardless, both types could provide a fun and comfortable environment based on your preferences.


You generally have everything you need in one place when shooting at an indoor range, such as gun rentals, safety gear, and classes. Unlike some outdoor venues, you can also take advantage of monthly memberships if you plan to attend year-round. These memberships often lead to different competitions among members, allowing you to train more and sharpen your skills. It could also boost your confidence if you win or place highly in shooting competitions. The classes offered at indoor facilities also focus on the educational aspects of gun ownership and operation, from permits to various gun types and ammunition, cleaning tips, and storage advice.

Costs & Weather Restraints

This will vary from facility to facility, but in many instances, an outdoor venue may be less expensive due to fewer local, state, and federal requirements. Outside ranges can typically bypass things like suppressing sound and zoning constraints. However, even though these facilities may be less expensive, attendees may be constrained by issues like weather conditions that could limit their shooting abilities on a specific day. In the event of bad weather, the outdoor range will need to shut down temporarily or for the day, whereas an indoor venue can continue operating. 

Whether you’re new to gun ownership or you’ve owned guns for years, practicing at a range can help you enhance your shooting skills, and safety should always be your top priority. If you’d like to learn more about firearms safety from experienced professionals, consider taking a Texas CHL class offered by the experienced professionals at Online Texas LTC. We’re dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available, so give us a call today at 512-675-2124.

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