What Subjects Are Taught in LTC Classes?

A Texas license to carry class, or LTC for short, is an essential class for any handgun owner. Completing this course, which usually lasts around four to six hours, is the first step in getting the license that allows you to legally take your handgun into public spaces. If you want to be licensed for open and concealed carrying, it can be helpful to know what the class will cover ahead of time. The firearms education professionals from Online Texas LTC, a top provider of Texas LTC online classes, describe what you can expect to learn when you take an LTC class.

Handgun Laws

The class will tell you all about all the relevant handgun laws you need to know. These classes typically go over federal and state laws, and they may also include any unique local statutes as well. Laws discussed in the class govern where you can take your gun and how you can use it. Your LTC course should also teach you about Texas’s use of force and deadly force laws. This will help you figure out when it’s legally appropriate to use your gun for self-defense.

Basic Handgun Usage

An LTC class is meant to teach you everything you need to know to get your license to carry, even if you’ve never used a gun before. You can expect it to go over various types of handguns as well as handgun components, such as sights, safeties, and magazines. The class will teach you how to properly match your handgun and ammunition as well.

Handgun Safety Tips

A large portion of any LTC class will discuss common safety practices for using a firearm. The course will explain how to carry a gun safely in public and give you tips on securing it safely when not in use. You can learn rules for staying safe at a shooting range and find out the safest methods for operating a handgun. Pay special attention to this portion of the class because it will teach you how to prevent dangerous negligent discharges from occurring.

Nonviolent Dispute Resolution

A surprisingly large portion of an LTC class will cover how to avoid using your handgun. This is important because it helps students find nonlethal ways of resolving conflicts. An LTC class can mentally prepare you for any sort of conflict. It will explain methods of communicating so you can disagree with others without needing to resort to deadly force. Your instructor will typically go over several common scenarios and explain how to resolve them without using a gun.

Handgun Storage Techniques

LTC classes also cover what should be done with your gun when it’s not in use. Your instructor should go over storage options and explain the legal requirements for how your gun should be stored. This section of your LTC class will also go over storage during transportation. Learning how to store your handgun safely can prevent children and other untrained people from accessing your gun.

Whether you purchase a gun for self-defense, hunting, competition, or another purpose, make sure you have the proper training to use it safely. You can count on the firearms education pros at Online Texas LTC for the highest-quality training available. Whether you’re looking for LTC proficiency testing or you want to take a Texas concealed carry online class, call us today at 512-675-2124.

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