What Number of Guns Can Texas Residents Own?

Texas has no specific laws restricting how many guns you can legally own in this state, according to the Texas State Law Library. Also, federal law doesn’t specifically limit how many guns can be legally owned. But there are some limitations and restrictions you should be aware of that do or could apply in the Lone Star State. The firearms safety education professionals from Online Texas LTC, the premier choice for Texas LTC online training, explain what you need to know when it comes to gun ownership in Texas.

Multiple Gun Purchases Need to Be Reported

The only requirement that applies in Texas specific to the number of guns is with purchases. Federal law—which must be kept in mind regardless of any state-specific laws—requires multiple gun purchases involving handguns to be reported to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, or ATF.

Gun Collectors Have Nothing to Worry about in Texas

If you’re an avid gun collector, you’re also welcome to have as many guns in your collection as you wish in Texas. In fact, a large gun collection once owned by a Texas A&M University professor—which, incidentally, included the gun used to kill Billy the Kid—sold for more than $10 million after the professor passed away in 2019.

Certain Guns Can’t Be Owned at All

There are some guns you absolutely can’t legally own in Texas. This list is generally based on federal prohibitions and certain criminal codes in Texas. It includes:

• Machine guns
• Rifles with barrel lengths of less than 16 inches
• Sawed-off shotguns
• Shotguns with barrel lengths of less than 18 inches
• Undetectable firearms and zip guns

There are exemptions for being able to own machine guns, short-barreled rifles, and short-barreled shotguns by applying for and receiving federal tax stamps through the ATF.

You Can (Technically) Possess an Unlimited Number of Guns at Any Age

There’s no minimum age to possess firearms in Texas, nor are there any gun ownership limitations specific to age. However, you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase handguns in Texas and 18 to buy rifles or other long guns, although there are age exceptions for military members.

With ownership, what this means is it’s generally possible for younger individuals to own an unlimited number of firearms. However, there are some sensible guidelines that should be followed, such as considering a child’s age and maturity level, and safety should be kept in mind as well.

That said, it’s possible for a responsible teenager who’s not yet of legal age to legally receive a collection of handguns or other firearms from a grandparent or other relative as an inheritance. However, the teenager must still meet age requirements to actually use any of the firearms in that collection.

You Can’t Be Prohibited from Owning Firearms

You won’t be able to legally own any guns in Texas if you’re not able to do so under federal or state law. For instance, if you’re a convicted felon, it’s typically not possible to legally own any firearms. This may also apply with certain assault-related misdemeanors or domestic matters.

Whether you already own a firearm or you’re considering purchasing one, it’s essential to know the laws governing who can legally own and carry firearms. Online Texas LTC is dedicated to providing the finest firearms training available. Whether you simply need to learn how to handle a gun and shoot safely or you want to take a Texas LTC class, Online Texas LTC has what you need. Give us a call today at 512-675-2124.

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