What Should I Do if My License to Carry Expires?

Time has a way of slipping by faster than you might think. Your LTC is good for four to five years, depending on whether it’s an initial one or a renewal. While you might have meant to keep it up, it’s possible you somehow overlooked your renewal date. What you need to do next depends on several factors, and looking at your current situation lets you know how to proceed to make sure you’re carrying legally. The firearms education pros from Online LTC, a premier provider of LTC online classes, explain the steps you’ll need to take if your LTC expires.

See if You’re within the Grace Period

You can apply for your renewal as early as six months before your LTC expires. If that somehow slipped your mind, don’t worry too much. It’s possible you can still renew your license without much of a hassle. You have 12 months from the time it expires to file your renewal application without having to go through the whole training process all over again.

Make Sure You’re Still Permitted to Carry

Several things can happen during the time between when you first got your LTC and when it expired. While most people over the age of 21 can carry a handgun, you may no longer be eligible if you’ve experienced some changes in your criminal history. For example, people who have recently been convicted of family or domestic violence might not have their newer LTC applications approved.

Know How This Affects Your Ability to Carry in Other States

Reciprocity agreements between states makes it easier to avoid falling into a situation where you’re carrying your handgun illegally. While Texas may not require a permit to carry anymore, you could cross into a state that does with your handgun in your possession. For now, be extra careful to avoid winding up in situations where you aren’t permitted to carry without a license. Once you get your LTC reinstated, you’ll be ready to head out on your future travels with much less worry. The Texas license to carry is valid in 37 other states.

Complete the Application Process Again

If you somehow went too far past the grace period, you can still get your LTC again. This time, you’ll once more be required to complete the necessary training and proficiency test. While it might seem frustrating to repeat this process, you’re likely to learn new things the second time around. Texas gun laws are undergoing tremendous changes, and taking a new training course can help you stay on top of them. There are also substantial benefits to brushing up on safety guidelines and strengthening your ability to handle your firearm. Taking a proficiency test is also likely to be far less stressful now that you’ve got some experience under your belt, and you’ll feel more confident when you know your skills can pass the test.

If you need to complete the necessary course to get your LTC again, make sure to choose a premier training provider. Online Texas LTC is committed to offering the best firearms training possible. When they need information on firearms safety or they want to take a Texas license to carry online course, gun owners trust the expertise of the pros from Online Texas LTC. If you have questions about any aspect of gun ownership in Texas, give us a call today at 512-675-2124.

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