Texas Constitutional Carry

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Texas permitless carry, also referred to as constitutional carry, is about to pass and become law in Texas. Watch the video and continue below to learn why you should still obtain a Texas License to Carry.

Watch For Important Updates!

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Texas HB 1927, which is the permitless carry bill, has passed the Texas House and Texas Senate. It is now on the way to Governor Abbott’s desk to be signed. Abbott has already stated that he would sign such a bill if it made it to his desk. It is just a matter of time now until it is signed and it goes into effect on September 1st of 2021. Texas will become the 21st state to pass permitless carry in the United States.

This is a big win for gun rights in Texas. But even though a license will no longer be required to simply carry a handgun, there are many benefits and legal protections an LTC provides. Continue reading below to see why so many people are still choosing to get a Texas License to Carry.

Once available, our Texas permitless carry class will provide the information that is absolutely required to know before carrying a gun. It is your responsibility to know Texas law and stay up to date on new regulations and guidelines set by the state. Proper training and safety is crucial to effectively and proficiently carrying your firearm.

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Benefits of a Texas LTC

The Texas License to Carry is recognized by 37 states in the United States. If traveling to one of those 37 states, you can carry your handgun. 

For a complete list of states that recognize the LTC, please take a look HERE.

Under permitless carry, you can only carry in states that have also passed permitless carry.

With a License to Carry, background checks are waived when purchasing guns. Having to go through a background check can cause delays and extra unnecessary time at the gun store. With an LTC, the gun buying process and experience is much smoother and easier.

With the new permitless carry law (HB 1927), criminal trespass on private property is a less severe offense if you have a Texas License to Carry.

With an LTC, you must be given the opportunity to leave private property that has no guns signs posted. If carrying without an LTC, you can be fined/cited/arrested for simply being on the private property that has the no guns signs posted.

Texas allows for concealed carry on college campuses with a License to Carry. Without the LTC, you cannot carry anywhere on a college campus.

With federal gun free school zone laws, no firearms can be brought into a school zone at all. There is one exception to this, if you have an LTC. As an LTC holder, you can have your handgun in your vehicle and go through school zones. You can even have your gun in your car parked in a school parking lot, or picking up your child on the campus. 

Without the LTC, no firearm can be brought into a school zone, even if just in a vehicle.

With a physical LTC card in hand, you can immediately show that you are legally in possession of your firearm to law enforcement if stopped.

Under permitless carry, you would need to prove to law enforcement that you legally possess the gun. Having an LTC makes for a much quicker and smoother interaction with police.

It is your responsibility to know the Texas laws and regulations having to do with carrying a gun in Texas. This includes where you can and cannot carry (prohibited locations), no gun signs, self defense laws and much more. The Texas LTC class goes in depth into the gun laws of Texas.

Whether you decide to get an LTC or not, the information gained from the LTC class is critical for everyone to have.

Permitless/Constitutional Carry Explained

Permitless carry, often also called constitutional carry, refers to the ability to carry a handgun without a license or permit. HB 1927 is the bill in Texas that is currently waiting to be signed by Gov. Abbott. Once signed, it would go into effect on September 1st of 2021.

Yes. They are two different terms that both refer to the same concept of carrying a gun without a license.

Contrary to what many believe, the License to Carry does not go away with the new laws going into effect. In fact, the license to carry is being given additional legal protections and advantages for those that obtain one.

Yes, you absolutely should. Not only does the LTC class cover Texas gun law that everyone should know, it also gives you multiple legal protections and advantages. Obtaining a license to carry is not difficult and should be completed by everyone in order to benefit from what it provides.

It is fairly easy to determine eligibility for permitless carry. If you meet the below criteria, then you should be able to carry a handgun once the new law passes and goes into effect.

  1. 21 years of age or older
  2. Ability to legally possess and purchase handguns under state and federal law
  3. Must not have a misdemeanor conviction  from one of the following four offenses:
    1. Terroristic Threat
    2. Deadly Conduct
    3. Assault with Bodily Injury
    4. Disorderly Conduct with a Firearm

Once signed, the permitless carry law should go into effect on September 1st of 2021. Please do not attempt to carry a handgun in public without an LTC before then.

Disclaimer: none of the advice or content on this page, or through OnlineTexasLTC.com, should be taken as legal advice.