Should I Use a Holster to Conceal Carry My Gun?

Conceal carrying, unlike open carry, allows you to protect yourself without alarming people around you. There are many methods people use to carry their firearms discreetly. People conceal carry using bags, purses, clothes, pockets, and holsters. A holster is specifically designed to hold your gun. The gun safety experts from Online Texas LTC, your premier choice for Texas LTC online training, discuss the many benefits of conceal carrying using a holster.


The main reason for carrying a firearm is personal protection. The last thing people want to do is hurt themselves with their own firearms. Holsters provide two main safety benefits. The first is security. If your gun were to fall out of your bag or waistband, you run the risk of a negligent discharge and potential harm. Secondly, holsters are designed to minimize snag. Other less traditional forms of concealed carry have the potential of catching a part of the gun while drawing, which can lead to a negligent discharge if the trigger gets caught. Another issue with snagging is draw time and the inability to re-holster. If your firearm becomes caught while you’re drawing, it can hinder your ability to protect yourself. Being able to re-holster after drawing is also just as important. A gun is only as good as its user. Holsters allow for more natural drawing, ensuring a higher rate of success when attempting to defend yourself.


There are holsters for almost every type of lifestyle and activity. Holsters can be made for both men and women of various body sizes. There are traditional inside-the-waist and outside-the-waist holsters. For the more casual look, there are pocket holsters. These holsters have a sticky grip to keep the gun in place. At the same time, this prevents the trigger of the weapon from getting snagged. For more active users, there are also holsters that are elastic and soft and can be worn inside bras or around the abdomen. Another benefit to holster customization is the ability to choose the material it’s made from based on personal preferences. Holsters can be made of elastic, leather, or plastic. Some are more flexible for comfort, while others are stiffer to keep weapons in place with greater security.

Peace of Mind 

Knowing your gun is secured with a holster means you don’t have to worry about an exposed trigger, snagging, or dropping your weapon. Good holsters hold guns well regardless of the activity, allowing you to complete your day-to-day activities without worry. Concealed carrying needs to be comfortable so you can do it consistently. It may take a few tries to find the holster that’s right for your lifestyle. Once you find a holster that works, the firearm should be comfortable. Protecting yourself shouldn’t be a pain. 

No matter what type of gun you own, safety should be your top priority, and a holster can help you keep your weapon safe. If you’d like to learn more about gun safety, taking a Texas concealed carry class online, or any other aspect of firearm ownership, reach out to the experts at Online Texas LTC today at 512-675-2124.

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